Download weChat for Windows phone tablet


On this page you can download Wechat for Windows phone tablet.

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Modern software for devices opens up a huge number of useful features that are necessary for full and colorful life. One of them is a computer version of a popular application for communication which is called Wechat.


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Most people, in many cases are using mobile devices for communication in the network. But the usual social networks do not provide a complete set of tools for networking.

Therefore, people (especially young people) often use different analogues for communication via mobile or computer devices. Most popular among them is a mobile instant messenger Wechat. Most of these applications are cross-platform, and they allow users to communicate through these smart phones.

All users set a specific chat application can send to each other and receive messages via Wi-Fi or the Internet.


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You probably realized that in the sphere of social communication you will be allowed to exchange text messages without restrictions on their volume, and thus easily overcome the limit of the size of the usual SMS-messages.

You can also use the text emoticons and schematic representation manikin  who briefly characterize your emotional state and the current employment.




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