Download weChat for Android tablet

On this page you can download Wechat for Android tabletThis is an application for communication which has won popularity among millions of people and become an application number one. It is really easy to use, besides it has intuitively understandable interface with a variety of settings and functions.

This application go ahead its rivals, such as Whatsapp, KakaoTalk for AndroidViber and so on. It has a lot of pluses and its own specialities. After downloading and installing it you will open for yourself the great world of communications.

Developers of Wechat didn’t wait for the moment when competitors come up with something more interesting. So they created their own social network, which is called the same - WeChat. This social network largely repeats the possibilities of other similar services, but allows you to expand the possibility of chatting with friends by publishing status, opportunities to put "like" and comment on friends posts.

wechat for android 6

 Like most modern messengers, WeChat also allows you to share files, music and movies. The only thing you should take care of and which will allow you to send an active music and video - is available money on phone account.

Because you are not paying for using Wechat, but you are paying for internet traffic. If you plan to use the application WeChat only for text messaging, you can be sure that even after a week of active communication, you almost will not reduce the amount of money on phone bill: the transmission of text costs very cheap.

Download weChat for Android tablet