Download weChat on iPhone for free

WeChat for Iphone - an application which allows you to chat with, or to communicate through text messaging. Recently there appeared a considerable amount of programs that allow you  to communicate. WeChat appeal to many, and now millions of people are enjoying this program.

Developers of this application developed this application for most popular platforms, IOS is one of them. On this page you can find a mobile version of Wechat for your mobile device.  

Developers of Wechat didn’t wait for the moment when competitors come up with something more interesting. So they created their own social network, which is called the same - WeChat. This social network largely repeats the possibilities of other similar services, but allows you to expand the possibility of chatting with friends by publishing status, opportunities to put "like" and comment on friends posts.  


wechat for iphone 3

For constant growths of WeChat developers were not too lazy to create versions for well  known mobile platforms - Android, iOS and Symbian. Thus, they were able to cover almost all smartphone owners - at least those who own phones from well-known manufacturers (Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG, Apple and Nokia).

Download WeChat free you can right here, from the page of this description. If for some reason you want to know about the program more, visit the website of developer.  

You probably realized that in the sphere of social communication you will be allowed to exchange text messages without restrictions on their volume, and thus easily overcome the limit of the size of the usual SMS-messages. You can also use the text emoticons and schematic representation manikin  who briefly characterize your emotional state and the current employment.

Download weChat on iPhone  for free