Download weChat for Android

On this page you can download Wechat for AndroidThis is an application for communication which has won popularity among millions of people and become an application number one. It is really easy to use, besides it has intuitively understandable interface with a variety of settings and functions.

This application go ahead its rivals, such as Whatsapp, Viber and so on. It has a lot of pluses and its own specialities. After downloading and installing it you will open for yourself the great world of communications.  

It has many pluses. One of them is: the application Wechat is completely free. Absolutely. You will not have to pay for anything. Never. Only for the internet traffic. It is really comfortable and wise way of using Wechat. Soon there will be no paid applications, only free ones.  

weChat for android

Of course one of the main plus is the opportunity to make free video call of high quality. Just imagine: you can seat somewhere in the USA and you can call to your relatives somewhere in the Europe.Besides, the quality of video will be really high: developers of Wechat did all possible to leave Skype behind.  

Also we should note about group chats. Just imagine: up to 500 people can participate in a group conversation. It means, that 500 of your contacts can discuss different information, starting from funny kitties and ending with problems of the company. And what is even better - all the conversations will be kept in secret.

Download weChat for Android