Download weChat for Windows phone

As we already noted, developers of Wechat made all possible versions of this application. So you can easily download Wechat for Windows phone right here at this page.    

And while the application runs installation right now, we will tell you about some features of Wechat. If the program WeChat is off, it will promptly inform you of incoming messages because of working as a service regime. At the moment, developers have not implemented the ability to change the melody that tells you about updates and new challenges, but we are confident that in the near future the program will be updated and this function will appear.    

Like most modern messengers, WeChat also allows you to share files, music and movies. The only thing you should take care of and which will allow you to send an active music and video - is available money on phone account.

Because you are not paying for using Wechat, but you are paying for internet traffic. If you plan to use the application WeChat only for text messaging, you can be sure that even after a week of active communication, you almost will not reduce the amount of money on phone bill: the transmission of text costs very cheap.   

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At the moment, the number of users of the service WeChat exceeded 300 million. There is a huge chance that among users of WeChat there will be  someone you know. You can find it out by downloading and installing the program on the phone and checking the list of your phone contacts.

If for some reason you do not know English, keep in mind that WeChat in Russian (in fact, translated into many languages, and the choice of version depends on what language is selected in the settings of the operating system).

Download weChat for Windows phone